The Healthy You Anti Bullying Program is flexible to fit the needs of each audience, including age groups and time availability.  Our curriculum covers the following key topics:

  • Why People Bully
  • Where Bullying Takes Place
  • Who Supports the Bully, How to Get Help
  • How to Prevent Bullying

The Healthy You, Inc. Anti-Bullying program encourages peer mediation so the students can work together to be the solution to their own problems. Peer Mediation programs are set up at schools with trained Peer Mediators who receive ongoing support from Healthy You on ways to prevent bullying. Students are given the opportunity to maintain a website with information and resources on bullying, as well as providing a way for victims and witnesses a way to make anonymous reports. They also have a Facebook page where they share stories and information. Students can also come to the Peer Mediators (there are five of them) and tell them about situations involving bullying, and the Peer Mediator then takes the problem to an adult. The high schools work with their feeder schools so that hopefully by the time the kids get to high school the bullying problem will be lessened. The Peer Mediators have also been involved in the community’s effort to end bullying and they have participated in several speaking engagements.