Core Essentials



If culture is defined by a shared set of attitudes, values, goals, and practices of an organization, it is safe to expect that changing, or even shifting, culture is not a simple task.  Existing culture is multi-layered and dense; tough to understand and difficult to move.  The current culture at your school is the result of many factors, and we’re guessing that none of these are due to lack of caring or insight by school leaders.

Take a minute to dream: what would your school look like if you were able to successfully integrate the necessary values into the students and adults who are there? We believe there are three main characteristics that would be present in a school if everyone embraced values like respect, determination, peace, and individuality. It would be a place where people Treat Others Right, Make Smart Decisions, and Maximize Their Potential.  In a month-by-month structure with coordinating ideas, Re:Connect allows students to communicate the value and definition via social media, visually and through existing and new events.


Additional Core Essentials Programming

core_logoFor elementary school aged children, the Chick-Fil-A Core Essentials Program offers character education.

Core volunteers visit local elementary schools to challenge the students to integrate value words into their lives.