Just The Facts

Just The Facts workshops cover a variety of topics, including healthy marriages, active parenting, life skills, and relationships. These workshops are available to high school students, incarcerated women, and the public.


What Is Just The Facts?

justthefactsJust The Facts is an organization which holds workshops in the greater Birmingham and Montgomery areas, Mobile County, and all of Southeastern Alabama to stress the importance of a healthy marriage, the positive impact that an intact family has on children and the importance of fathers in the home.

Participants in Just The Facts workshops are taught the skills to become better communicators, resolve conflicts and how to avoid destructive behaviors in relationships. The program focuses on reaching young couples who are planning to get married, couples who are already married, expectant young women, and all high school age teens. There are also specialized programs for veterans and inmates awaiting release. Just The Facts facilitators are all trained to address these delicate issues with sensitivity towards the participants’ environments and needs.

By contracting with educational programs, churches and agencies serving families, Just The Facts enables couples choosing to marry to have the access to marriage education services that will prepare them for successful, lifelong marriages. Just The Facts workshops are offered at no cost for participants and are a chance to learn the practical skills for enriching the relationships in their lives.


Benefits For Children

  • More likely to have academic success and attend college
  • Less likely to be a victim of physical or sexual abuse
  • Less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol
  • Less likely to have delinquent or behavioral problems
  • Less likely to divorce when they get married
  • Less likely to be a teen parent
  • Less likely to be sexually active or contract an STD
  • Less likely to live in poverty


Benefits For Couples

  • More satisfying intimate relationship with spouse
  • Emotionally and physically healthier
  • Wealthier, less likely to remain or end up in poverty
  • Less likely to commit or be victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or other violent crimes
  • Decreased risk of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Less likely to contract a sexually transmitted disease
  • Have better relationships with their children


Benefits For Communities

  • Higher rates of emotionally and physically healthy citizens
  • Lower domestic violence and crime rates
  • Lower teen pregnancy and STD rates
  • Lower rates of juvenile delinquent behaviors
  • More educated citizens
  • Decreased need for social services
  • Lower rates for poverty and welfare dependency