“Who Am I?”
By: Bridgette Bradley, born in 1973 in the Birmingham area
I am a mother of two
I am a very sweet lady
I am a loving person
I am a lovable person
I am Nice
I am kind
I am eager to learn
I am very emotional
I am too sensitive
I am a good listener
Sometimes I am selfish
I am a strong believer in God
I am a woman of Faith
I am a Recovering Addict

“I am…”
By: Kristal Riddle
I am loving and kind.
I am witty and wise.
I am funny and sweet.
I am trendy and neat.
I am artsy and musical.
I am clever and mystical.
I am often curious and smart.
I am a total kid at heart.
I am patient and humble.
I am no longer a thug that’s ready to rumble.
I am dedicated and committed to my Lord above.
I am full of hope and love.
I’m learning more about myself each day.
I am practicing worrying less and every day I pray.
I am showing forgiveness and the act of letting go.
I am learning to take care of me and how to say no.
I am Kristal: beautiful and strong on my journal to self discovery.
I am deserving and entitled to this thing called recovery.

By: Christie Foster, born in 1985
I am truly alive, because I’ve played with death.
I am determined, because I’ve given up to defeat.
I’m whole because I’ve been broken.
I’m courageous because I’ve been a coward.
I am confident because I’ve existed in doubt.
I am strong, because I’ve been weak.
I’m happy, because I’ve been kissed by devastation
I’m sweet, because I’ve had bitterness on my lips.
I am proud, because I’ve walked inside of shame.
I am smart, because I’ve acted in ignorance.
I am silly, because I’ve drowned under depression.
I’m at peace, because I’ve danced in torment.
I am a survivor, because I’ve been a victim.
I am free, because I know the weight of chains.
I’m striving for more, because I’ve settled for less.
I’m worthy because I’ve felt less than human.
I am clean because I’ve been filthy and dirty.
I am wanted, because I’ve known neglect.
I am comforted because I’ve felt lonely.
I’m restored, because I’ve been lost and afraid.
I am seen because I’ve felt invisible.
I am heard, because I’ve been silent with no voice.
I’m standing up, because I’ve been beaten down.
I’m renewed and refreshed because I’ve been sick and tired.
I am redeemed because I’ve been burdened by condemnation.
I am forgiven because I’ve confessed my sins.
I am loved because I am a daughter of God.
I am precious in my Father’s sight.
I am the apple of His eye.
I am protected in the Shadow of His Wings.
I’m wonderfully and beautifully made.
I’m blessed and highly favored.
I am so grateful.